Sport Guards

Sport Guards

Are you an athletic individual who spends a lot of time training in physical activities? Having the appropriate protective gear to keep oneself from enduring injuries is crucial. While helmets, gloves, knee and elbow guards are the most prominent protective gears, mouthguards may be ignored in some instances. But, this isn’t a good practice, as mouthguards are crucial for protecting the teeth and keeping them from sustaining external trauma.

The importance of sports guards

Athletes train hard day and night to get better at their sport. While doing so, they may endure injuries due to accidental falls or sports-equipment related trauma. When the teeth sustain high impact forces, they could chip, crack, or even break, leading to severe pain and possible bleeding. But, when a sports mouthguard is worn, it would distribute the forces equally among the teeth and prevent damage to the teeth.

Sportspersons who indulge in sports such as football, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, MMA, etc. ought to wear a mouthguard for superior protection.

Care of the sports guard

When you wear the sports guard, it is important not to bite or chew on it. This could change its fit and contour, which can make it less effective. Also, make sure there are no food particles left on the teeth before putting them on, which otherwise could cause discomfort. When not in use, rinse it with water and store it in a clean and dry place away from dust or water.

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