Minimal Invasion Restorative Dentistry

Minimal Invasion Restorative Dentistry

Posted by PS Dental on Feb 24 2021, 04:37 AM

Dentists always try to restore and preserve the natural tooth as much as possible. By conserving the tooth structure, the dentist ensures minimal chances of tooth fracture in the future. 

Educate yourself and know more about minimally invasive restorative dentistry here. 

Examples of minimally invasive restorative dentistry 


Sealants are made from plastic resin. They restrain plaque and acid formation that are the fundamental causes of tooth decay. They require no drilling or cutting of the tooth. Sealants can fit into the crevices of the tooth surface quite easily. 

Mini dental implants

They are apt for patients whose jawbone is unable to support a conventional implant. These implants do not require bone grafting, therefore, are less complicated than other dental implant treatments.

Inlays and Onlays

They replace traditional fillings and conserve more of the tooth structure. 

Periodontal treatments 

There are some gum treatments that can avoid the trauma of conventional periodontal treatment.

Teeth whitening

We recommend teeth whitening over veneers to those who have discolored teeth. 


Patients who have good tooth structure but still require some aesthetics can opt for minimal-prep veneers. 

Dental lasers

One of the easy-peasy ways to restore teeth is to get a dental laser. It removes the decay and bacteria from teeth and gums.

Air abrasion

It is used to eliminate decay instead of conventional practice and may not require anesthesia.

Bite guards

A mouth guard or night guard for those who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) or apnea.


Teeth require minerals that help in fighting germs and bacteria. These minerals include fluoride, calcium, and others. However, this process often includes fluoride treatment. 

We recommend all our patients opting for these procedures in due time. The more delayed the process is, the higher the complication matrix will be. All these procedures require less time and money than conditions when the natural tooth can no longer be restored. The modern dental materials used in minimally invasive restorative dentistry are long-lasting and reduce the need for future repair.

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