All About Early Orthodontic Treatment

All About Early Orthodontic Treatment

Posted by PS Dental on Jan 18 2021, 02:21 AM

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that concentrates mainly on the alignment of the teeth. It plays a vital part in improving the aesthetics of the smile, as well as the overall appearance of a person's face. But, what's the right age for an individual to start receiving orthodontic treatment? Would it be too late, or would things get too complicated if you cross a specific age?

Parents would want their children to have the best smile possible. This is why many of the parents who visit our practice have several questions to ask us about their children's oral health and orthodontic treatment. As dentists, we recommend you take your children for their first orthodontic consultation between the age of 6 to 8. This is when the teeth require professional attention, as the baby teeth would be falling off, and the permanent ones would be newly emerging.

Keep malocclusion away

Malocclusion, commonly referred to as 'bad bite,' occurs when the teeth emerge out of alignment due to certain issues. Some of them could be the improper growth of the jawbones, faulty oral appliances, heredity, etc., that make the teeth crooked. The teeth may appear too crowded, spaced too far apart from each other, misaligned with the teeth from the other jaw, etc. All these conditions upset the appearance of the smile as well as affect the functionality of the mouth.

Malocclusion is best treated when the patient is still in their childhood. This allows the dentist to monitor the growth of the teeth well and to make sure they emerge in the right positions. In the case of early malocclusion, the teeth can be moved easily using orthodontic appliances, such as dental braces or Invisalign.

Does your child require orthodontic treatment?

There are certain aspects that you should look out for to understand whether or not your child is facing trouble with the alignment of the teeth. It could cause mild to severe irritation, an issue with the child's bite, difficulty cleaning the teeth and the pronunciation of words, etc. Here are some signs that suggest your child may require early orthodontic attention:

  • Crowding of teeth at a very young age
  • Untimely falling off of baby teeth (either too soon or too late) (Ideally, baby teeth would start to fall off, starting from the age of 6, and continue up to the age of 12 - 13).
  • Issues with the bite, such as the teeth from the upper and the lower jaw do not align properly or do not meet at all, the frontal teeth protrude outwards, etc.
  • Difficulty in biting or chewing food.

Popular orthodontic options

Your child can benefit from the following orthodontic aligners:

Conventional metal braces: Dental braces have been used for many decades now in the treatment of malocclusion. They are composed of brackets and wires and apply pressure on the teeth in a controlled manner.

Invisalign: Invisalign is an orthodontic aligner backed by state-of-the-art technology and is made from a transparent plastic material. It is a removable aligner and can be taken off whenever you have to brush your teeth, eat food, or other necessary activities.

Clear braces: Clear braces work using the same principle as conventional braces. But, they are made from ceramic or clear plastic brackets, allowing the patient to sport a beautiful smile.

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