Sport Guards

Sports Guards

A sports guard is a plastic or laminate device used to protect an athlete’s teeth, mouth, cheeks, tongue, and jaw during gameplay or when working out. This oral device can help prevent dental injury, keeping sports enjoyable for athletes of all ages.

Sports guards are designed to prevent chipped or broken teeth, fractured dental work such as crowns or bridges, lip or cheek injuries, root damage, a fractured jaw or concussion. This means they are an important piece of equipment for contact sports like football, boxing, hockey, roller derby, soccer, basketball and many other sports.

A sports guard is also highly recommended for use during weight lifting. Weightlifters tend to clench and grind while lifting and this tooth-to-tooth action may cause holes/wear, cracks, gum recession, fractures, damage to jaws, and even headaches after training.

Protect Your Teeth

At PS Dental, we design comfortable custom sports guards for athletes of all ages, in every type of sport. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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