Why Do You Need Dental Specialists?

Why Do You Need Dental Specialists?

Posted by PS Dental on Oct 11 2021, 04:09 AM

The general dentist can give you basic dental care, such as comprehensive dental exams and fillings, but many of them must refer patients to experts for more complex treatments. For procedures that need knowledge beyond their dental training, dentists must refer patients to experts outside of their practice. They will convey all of your demands and transmit your dental records to specialists as they work together to achieve the best possible results. Visit PS dental in Tigard, OR, regularly to maintain proper oral hygiene and to encourage a healthy dental lifestyle.

What Can a Specialist Do For You?

You can seek specialist services from a variety of dental professionals who have committed their careers to a certain area of dentistry. For sophisticated oral prostheses, periodontal disorders, orthodontics, and oral surgery, your dentist will usually refer you to a specialist. Going to someone who is an expert in a specific field of dentistry helps ensure that you get the best care available.

Different Kinds of Dental Specialists

Dental specialists include the following types of dentists:


Endodontists perform root canal therapy or any dental procedure that involves the tooth's center (pulp chamber).

Oral Surgeon

Recognized as an expert in tooth extraction and oral surgery.


The dentist is in charge of dental braces and primarily works with malocclusions (crooked teeth).


Treats gum disease and soft tissue in the mouth; this dentist is frequently the specialist called in for larger cases of dental implants.


Restorative work, such as dentures, a dental crown, or a dental bridge, is performed by this professional.

Procedures That May Necessitate the Services of a Dental Expert

Complex Root Canals

The degree of difficulty of root canals varies depending on factors such as the location and intricacy of the root system. Simply said, the deeper down in the mouth you go, the more complicated the surgery, which is why you may be referred to an endodontist.

Complex Tooth Extractions

If your tooth has complex root anatomy, you have a medical condition like diabetes, or you have a history of poor heart health, your dentist will most likely recommend you to an oral surgeon. 

Surgical Implants

Teeth that are close to a nerve or positioned on the upper arch near the maxillary sinus are more difficult and pose hazards that oral surgeons are trained to address. If you have an infected bone or a bone that needs to be rebuilt before an implant can be placed, you will almost certainly need to see an oral surgeon.

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