Why Choose Dental Sedation for Children?

Why Choose Dental Sedation for Children?

Posted by PS Dental on Aug 25 2021, 02:54 AM

Sedation dentistry employs mild sedatives to alleviate your child's nervousness during dental treatment. It is also employed when the dental treatment is more difficult or requires numerous operations to be performed at the same time.

Our professional dentists at PS Dental in Tigard, OR, employ sedation dentistry to reduce pain and suffering in patients of all ages and are highly proficient at delivering various forms of sedation.

What Is Sedation Dentistry for Children?

Sedatives are used by our dentists to help young patients overcome dental phobias and lessen the likelihood of suffering pain or discomfort during a dental operation.

The proper sedation solution is determined based on the child's medical history, the intricacy of the therapy required, and their level of anxiety.

The Different Kinds of Sedation for Children

Oral Conscious Sedation

The pediatric dentist provides an oral sedative for your child, which can provide mild to moderate sedation depending on the type of drug and dosage. During the procedure, children will be awake, though they may fall asleep, and will be able to move and respond to orders.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation is light and harmless, does not put patients to sleep, and wears off rapidly. We use a mask to administer a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen to your youngster. They will feel comfortable, tranquil, euphoric, and a little foolish after breathing it in for a few minutes. Patients are alert and able to respond to commands when laughing gas is used on children. 

General Anesthesia

If treatment cannot be performed safely while the kid is awake and laughing gas is ineffective, general anesthesia may be administered. Your child will be in a deep sleep while under a general anesthetic. They won't be able to feel or remember anything about the surgery.

What Are the Advantages of Sedation Dentistry?

Dental anxiety can cause your child to be afraid of the dentist, preventing them from receiving the dental procedures they require to maintain good oral health. 

It Is Completely Risk-Free

PS Dental uses child-safe sedation solutions and has vast experience in giving dental sedation. Your youngster will be calm but alert, able to respond to the dentist's orders.

It Enables Your Child to Receive the Necessary Dental Care

The fundamental advantage of sedation dentistry is that it allows your child to receive necessary dental care without experiencing discomfort or worry.

It Helps Children Avoid Developing Dental Phobias

We can employ dental sedation to provide a good experience for your child and show them that dental appointments don't have to be unpleasant when you bring them in for a dental checkup, cavity repair, or other dental procedures.

For the best sedation dentistry solutions, contact PS Dental in Tigard, OR,  by calling (503) 574-4000.

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