Best Preventive Dental Treatments

Best Preventive Dental Treatments

Posted by PS Dental on May 25 2022, 02:17 PM

Taking preventive measures at the earliest is the best way to maintain good dental health. The dentist provides an array of treatments that helps maintain oral health. Listed below are popular preventive measures: 

Dental sealants

A dental sealant is a clear or tooth-colored plastic material that your dentist can apply to your back teeth. It covers and protects the chewing surfaces of your back teeth.

A dental sealant helps prevent decay. It cannot get cavities. However, if decay does form around a sealant, it will not be able to penetrate the sealant.

Your dentist can apply a dental sealant during a regular checkup. They will clean and dry your teeth before applying the sealant. They will paint the sealant onto your teeth. A special light or chemical will be used to dry the sealant.

Professional dental cleanings

Professional dental cleanings are essential. Not only do they prevent cavities, but they can also remove plaque buildup, stop gum disease, and prevent bad breath. Cleanings should be part of your regular dental routine—twice a year is usually required.

Fluoride treatments

Professional fluoride treatments, which your dental hygienist may apply at the dentist's office, are one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay. Most community water supplies include fluoride, but your dentist may recommend additional treatments.

Dental exams and x-rays

Your regular dental exam involves checking for tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems. Your dentist will also use x-rays to look for any underlying issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye. With regular dental exams and x-rays, you can help reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Dental fillings

Dental fillings are necessary to treat cavities. They can help to prevent the need for more extensive dental work. The fillings are custom-fabricated from tooth-colored materials, so no one will be able to tell that you’ve had a filling.

Dental fillings also help prevent further decay. When you receive a filling, the tooth is protected from further decay. This helps prevent further damage and avoid the need for a tooth extraction.


Mouthguards, sometimes called sports guards, are protective devices worn over teeth. They are typically used to prevent injuries to the mouth and face from teeth grinding or clenching.

A mouthguard is typically worn at night when most grinding and clenching occurs. Your dentist can make a custom mouthguard to fit your teeth perfectly. Many mouthguards are available in stores, but custom mouthguards fit better and are more comfortable to wear.

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